Business Innovation & Consulting
Performing companies and organisations have a clear focus on three items that determine their success: people (stakeholders), processes, profits (costs). They have developed a vision which is the basis for a sustainable strategy. However, many companies and organisations do not always succeed to integrate these three anchor points and loose balance.
Herman Daems, leading Belgian academic and entrepreneur, recently said it as follows:
"Within strategic management instruments have to be made available to determine a company's growth path. Groundbreaking power is not limited to columns with figures. A company is much more than a sum of figures and equations. If companies and organisations want to survive, optimal processes have to be combined with a focused strategy in which sustainability is embedded in a company's DNA."
ESSENCE consult has the ambition to provide companies and organisations advice and support in the area of optimal processes and to determine the way forward to build a shared vision.
ESSENCE consult provides consulting services in the area of Business Process Modelling to optimise end-to-end business and organisational processes. Expertise is available from research & development, manufacturing, supply chain management and recruitment.
The name ESSENCE refers to several things. It is about essential items - in contrast to accidental, superficial. It also refers to perfume giving a nice smell to life, and it is the French word for gasoline: fuel giving power to an engine.
ESSENCE consult aims at providing an integrated solution to companies and organisations to improve their activities in terms of efficiency with respect to organisational design, performance and ways of working. Driving forces to achieve this are simplification, transparency and sustainability - resulting in satisfied customers, lower costs, motivated people, improved services, better products, higher margins.
In case you need help to optimise your processes, to redesign your organisation, to simplify your ways of working or to improve your performance, please feel free to contact us via mobile phone or email: info@essenceconsult.be.