The following tools, methodologies, instruments are used to ensure an integrated approach but can also separately be the subject of a specific consulting request or stand-alone project.
Process Modelling
is the starting point for all changes an organisation or business envisages to implement. Since an organisation or business is not a static environment but is continuously changing, understanding of processes "who is doing what, when, why and how" is a key success factor.
SWOT Analysis
is aimed at determining Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of an business or organisation, and provides key information for developing a strategy for the future. It is the starting point to agree on a shared vision, on targets and goals.
Stakeholder Mapping
allows to get an overview of the different stakeholders, both internally and externally, and is aimed at determining who has an influence on the business or organisation. For a business, focus can be on competitors, suppliers and customers, and for an organisation on colleagues, employees and partners.
Organisational Design
is an integral part of setting up or re-designing an organisation. It ensures that the vision of a business is reflected in an efficient organisation. Emphasis is put on job requirements, people profiles, reporting lines, segregation of duties and business ethics.
Competence Profiling
is a methodology to determine knowledge, skills and attitude requirements to ensure that people and jobs match. Attention is paid to develop an employee value proposition fitting with organisational requirements, company culture and market context.
Change Management
allows to create a working environment in which people are being prepared to cope with changes. Changes can be very diverse, and can be small or major. Managing change is indeed primarily about people, is about motivation and coaching.
Lean Management
is a powerful tool to minimise different types of waste (inefficiencies, scrap, time loss) in an organisation or business. It is a well structured methodology leading to significant improvements: continuous attention for optimisation results in sustainable changes.
Project Coaching
is aimed at supporting projects from start to finish to ensure that deliverables are met in terms of budget, functionality, resourcing, timing, customer satisfaction and quality. Coordination and planning are in that respect key success factors.
Performance Metrics
is about identifying and monitoring key performance indicators that reflect the performance of an organisation or business. KPI's are the basic building blocks of a balanced scorecard. Emphasis is put on data interpretation and statistics.
Cost Optimisation
is aimed at optimising operational costs, human capital, working assets and future investments. A healthy and sustainable organisation or business focuses on finding the balance between what customers are looking for, what shareholders expect and what employees drive to excel.