ESSENCE consult has worked in recent years or was involved in projects or consulting work for the following companies & organisations.
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BOOK REVIEW #10 - "Responsible leadership: lessons from the front line of sustainability and ethics" - Mark Moody-Stuart - 12/01/2015

A fascinating book has been written by Shell's former CEO. It is a wonderful anatomy of today's global energy business. It might be that people are skeptical when looking at the cover. However, when reading the book you will discover a person engaged in negotiation and compromise - elements that permeate this book. Recommended lecture for young graduates and experienced leaders. Read more

LEADERSCHIP & INNOVATION - 24/11/2014 Read more

PAPER REVIEW #7 - "Four Paths to Business Model Innovation" - Karan Girotra & Serguei Netessine - 15/08/2014

In the most recent issue of Harvard Business Review an excellent article has been published providing an inspiring view on innovation. The secret to success lies in who makes what decisions when and why. Read more

BOOK REVIEW #6 - " Insight in innovation - Managing innovation by understanding the laws of innovation " - Jan Verloop - 21/05/2014

This book is based on Jan Verloop's experience and insights as former innovation manager of Royal Dutch Shell. It is written on academic level and illustrated with practical examples. It is more than worthwhile lecture in a world where innovation, continuous improvement and sustainable development are key factors to success for a company or organisation. Read more


The survey about Business Management Tools - although limited in time & scope - has revealed interesting results. They are indicative for the endeavours people do in companies & organisations towards operational excellence. Read more

BOOK REVIEW #4 - TEXTBOOKS about LEAN - 02/12/2013

The following two books have received excellent reviews and are still used as textbooks at highschools and universities : 'The Lean Toolbox' (Bicheno & Holweg, 2009) and 'Lean Production for Competitive Advantage' (Nicholas, 2011). Read more

BOOK REVIEW #3 - " Leading Change " - John P. Kotter - 26/11/2013

Dr. Kotter’s now-legendary eight-step process for managing change has become the standard for companies and organisations across the globe. By outlining the process every organisation has to go through to achieve its targets, he provides a very practical resource for leaders charged with making change initiatives (such as LEAN) work. Read more

BOOK REVIEW #2 - " LEAN " - Andy Brophy - 20/11/2013

The author of this book adopts a holistic approach to a LEAN tranformation. He keeps a good balance between the strategic business plan and the people behind a company or organisation. He also pays quite some attention to the importance of understanding business processes. Therefore, recommended lecture for people not only new to LEAN but also for 'black belts'. Read more

Scripta manent, verba volant - 26/10/2013

On a regular basis, book reviews will be published under this heading. Focus will primarily be on recent books which might be interesting reading for people working in the area of BPM and related fields. Also older - but still actual - books will pass the revue, as well as (hand)books which are presently used or recommended by lecturers at universities & highschools - just to ensure that state-of-the-art information is provided.

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